• Hope Research Project

    MixtMode Partners in Hope Centred Research

    Funded by CERIC, this project will develop and study online and f2f Hope Career Interventions.
  • Cannexus 2015

    Tannis' Cannexus 2015 Presentation

    Click here to view or download.
  • Tannis publishes new article

    Tannis publishes new article

    "ICT – the new frontier?" was published by the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling.
  • MixtMode supports B.C. Disability Employment Month

    Working with clients with disabilities?

    Learn how Online Employment Counselling is meeting the needs of Job Seekers in some BC centres.
  • IAEVG International Conference 2014

    MixtMode presented in two sessions at 2014 IAEVG

    Slides are now available for download!
  • MixtMode returns to Nova Scotia

    MixtMode returns to Nova Scotia

    Training was provided to practitioners from 13 different NSCC campuses
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  • MixtMode in The Netherlands

    MixtMode in The Netherlands

    Tannis Goddard presents a framework for eGuidance to assist with changes in the country
  • eVolve Overview

    eVolve Overview

    Watch an overview video of eVolve Learning Technology

Professional Development

Enhance your skills by developing expertise in text-based facilitation and counselling. For supervisors, learn what it takes to deliver quality programs online.

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eVolve Learning Technology

Use our technology to create new programs and achieve meaningful results. We offer Ready to Deploy packages and customized options to fit every budget.

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Consulting Services

We know what it takes to bring communication technology and career practice together. Whether you are designing a program model or need engaging learning materials, we can help. Read More →