About Us: Our Mission

We use technology to create transformational career learning experiences. We know what it takes to bring online communication technology and quality career practice together.

Where it all started

In the early 1990s Tannis Goddard opened Training Innovations, a one-woman career agency. It made its mark by delivering large, multi-year contracts for the federal and provincial governments and pioneering the development of Career eGuidance software. Today our agency has four offices in British Columbia and more than 45 talented employees.

Expanding our reach 

Challenged by a broad geographic area surrounding our offices, limited transportation and few community resources, we created a solution to serve our diverse clients.

In 2004, after evaluating the technology options available, our group of career practitioners started building a simple learning tool that would support online counselling interactions between practitioners and clients.

Using this new technology, Career e-Volutions was introduced as the first, fully-facilitated online career counselling program in Canada. It offered clients a rich and meaningful experience, with career materials, reflective activities and ongoing interaction with a career practitioner.

The success of this flagship program motivated us to continue developing our software and initiated a decade-long quest to develop effective and ethical online counselling and guidance strategies.

Our present and future

What started as a way to make career services more accessible in a rural community has become a global model for online career services and e-career guidance.

Tannis travels the globe as a keynote speaker and thought leader. In 2013 she introduced MixtMode as the consulting division of Training Innovations. MixtMode is the way we share our knowledge, passion and expertise with others who want to use technology in career services.

We know the benefits of using multiple modes and are experts in designing online and blended services. We are excited by the possibility that Career eGuidance offers and continue to promote and support the use of technology for career development around the world.

If you are curious about our work, please connect with us. We’ll help you find the right mix.