CANNEXUS 2015 – Ottawa, Canada – January 26 – 28, 2014

Cannexus is Canada’s largest career development conference and we are proud to sponsor once again the Online Community, a social networking platform that allows the conference delegates to interact, build their conference schedule, download hand-out materials prior to the sessions and schedule 1:1 meetings.

Tannis Goddard is getting ready to deliver two sessions this year:

Online Technology and Your Clients: Expanding Practice and Understanding Supervision

Use of online technologies brings guidance to clients in the time and space that meets their individual needs. Much of the success of an online solution depends on how their service is designed and the skills of the practitioners. Once online, supervisors play a key role in supporting the integration of technology, practice, and ongoing evaluation of the service to clients. This session will present a framework for effectively designing a practice and supervision model that can be tailored to the online communication tools you choose in your delivery model.

**UPDATE: Click here to download Tannis’ presentation

Hope-Centred Career Development in Action (Mega Session – January 28, 8:30-10am)

Dr. Norm Amundson, Tannis Goddard and Amber Clarke will share information (and stories) about how Hope-Centred Career Interventions are being implemented in different contexts. Some contexts include working with a broad range of unemployed clients; and creating online interventions for those who are unemployed. They will be demonstrating some interventions and illustrating how they have been evaluating the impact.

If you want to know more about Hope-Centred Career Interventions and the research project funded by CERIC, click here.

**UPDATE: Click here to download the HOPE presentation