ICT – the new frontier? Pushing the boundaries of careers practice

Tannis Goddard‘s latest article was published by the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling in November, 2014. She co-wrote the article with Dr. Jenny Bimrose of the University of Warwick and Jaana Kettunen, researcher with the University of Jyväskylä.


Much progress has been made in integrating information and communications technology (ICT) into careers practice, but there is still room for improvement. An international lens is adopted to examine some key elements that contribute to the successful integration of ICT into careers practice. We start by exploring the role of policy, using the UK as a case study. Next, the perceptions that Finnish career practitioners have of ICT are reviewed using research findings into the different ways they think about social media and its purpose in career services. Finally, lessons learned from the design and integration of online services within career development programming in Canada are discussed that ensure accessibility both to practitioners and their clients.

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