Work with Us: Consulting Services

We work with you at any stage of the process, whether you are just getting started or have already launched services. We offer a fresh perspective and recommendations for how to make your service a success.

We can:

Assess the feasibility of services and your organization’s readiness

Identify what technical options are available and suitable for your needs

Develop a clear business case to another stakeholder or funding body

Mobilize your team and develop a common vision for online service delivery

Not all organizations or service models are alike – let us help you assess the big picture and identify key considerations for your project. Our goal is to support the development of services that meet the needs of your clients, and are profitable and sustainable for your organization.

Program Development

We have more than 20 years of experience designing and developing learning experiences that are guided by a constructivist orientation to adult learning. Whether you are inventing a new program model, want recommendations on delivery modes or need help creating training materials, our team can help.


Our approach to design starts with understanding client and stakeholders’ needs and results in a clear framework with recommendations from development through to implementation.


Once you have a program framework, we can help you build it. We offer pre-designed content to fit your budget, and can work with subject matter experts to create a customized program. We can also convert existing in-person programs to an online or blended format. Our learning materials and online modules are user-friendly: they are written in plain language and include colorful graphics to enhance the learning experience.


The way your career or training program gets deployed is a key factor in its success. We can help you integrate multiple modes of delivery and develop a step by step implementation plan so that your program rolls out smoothly. We also provide options for direct involvement including career practitioners to deliver your online services, or online mentorship and coaching to your practitioners.